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Strive Awarded $15,000 Community Service Grant From MGM Grand National Harbor

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December 21, 2017


Rhett Butler

STRIVE 2 Tri is the recent award recipient of a $15,000 Community Service grant from the MGM Grand National Harbor.

The MGM Grand National Harbor, which is just under a year old, has been aiding various community-based organizations of Prince George’s County and the Washington Metropolitan region. The entertainment-based organization recognized Strive 2 Tri as an integral part of the County’s emphasis on youth health and wellness and made a contribution towards the 2018 season.

“Strive 2 Tri can’t thank the MGM Grand National Harbor enough for its late 218 grant awarding,” said Tarus Nelson, Executive Director of Strive 2 Tri. “It is during the season of giving that we see good being done for the community and the MGM Grand has shown its commitment towards facilitating healthy lifestyle choices for the youth of the Washington, DC Metropolitan region.”

Through an array of activity during the Fall and Winter 2017 offseason, STRIVE has been building upon the six years of growth it has achieved for a dynamic 2018. In addition, the Prince George’s County-based healthy lifestyle and athletic organization will expand its programming to combat the ills that affect residents living in at-risk neighborhoods.

Since 2016, Strive has been the recipient of many grants, among them from: District 8 Obie Patterson, USA Triathlon (multi-year), Prince George’s County Transforming Neighborhood Initiative and 2017 awards: Local Community Impact, USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic.

Additional Sponsors include GOYA, Prince George’s County Department of Parks & Recreation, and ABC Printing.


Founded in 2011, STRIVE has developed programs that provide youth the tools to live an active lifestyle.  The Nelson’s have been strong advocates of being fit and has completed many races individually or as a family.  Our Daughter began training for youth events and we saw the direct benefits triathlon training had for her adolescent development.  STRIVE was formed to deliver a scalable program with the emphasis on having fun while learning the skills involved to complete an aquathlon or triathlon.

STRIVE started by getting local families to exercise together and saw the positive interaction when the youths were encouraged to stay active.  Later we self-funded our first Splash N Dash Camp and had dedicated volunteers willing to help train a small group of youths.  We felt a great sense of accomplishment watching local kids learn to swim which is a necessity in the underserved community.

Shortly after, STRIVE hosted the First Annual Splash N Dash Event, which was a huge hit with the support of the community with partner organization, Prince George’s Department of Parks and Recreation. STRIVE soon became known as one of a handful of youth organizations throughout the country that offered a fundamental triathlon training program from the USA Triathlon Association.

Strive then began to offer advanced training for youth eager to learn more about triathlons and open water swimming at the National Harbor.

Strive was in jeopardy of closure in 2015 due to a lack of financing, however, it was at that moment that the organization received its first grant from the Baltimore Ravens NFL Play 60.  

STRIVE’s partners at USAT have shown great commitment to supporting our ongoing efforts and when the organization received the Prince George’s County Transforming Neighborhood Initiative for Community Innovation Grant it was a game changer.  Strive’s goals for 2018 and beyond are to demonstrate its proven model, which has been thoroughly developed for implementation in any setting, enhancing the lives of children.

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