STRIVE SPLASH N DASH Reflections: Shelly Murphy

Photo Credit:  Marvin Joseph

Photo Credit: Marvin Joseph

"College Park is always my favorite location for STRIVE’S SND. The facilities are well taken care of and the team there is always welcoming. I am in awe as the community continues to come together to support STRIVE.

"Our volunteers showed up and made the race a well-run machine, from set up to break down. District Tri showed up and is a true force to reconcile with. I appreciate everyone’s commitment and it is always good to see familiar faces and catch up. Huge thank you to MGM, PG Parks, YMCA, GOYA, and everyone else that comes together to make this race a huge success. I cannot say enough about the kids who leave it all on the course.

"They inspire me each time and I encourage each of them to continue to live a healthy life. Allow Strive to be that positive force in your life that not only challenges you but supports you to be the best you can be.

"To Yolanda and Tarus Nelson, I cannot say enough wonderful things about you and how important this race is for the community! I saw it in every competitor's face on Saturday, June 16th and every STRIVE Splash N Dash that I have had the privilege to be a part of.

Keep going! Continue to Strive to Tri!"