STRIVE SPLASH N DASH Reflections: Yolanda Nelson


"The morning begins with the hustle and bustle of setting up for our volunteers and Splash and Dash participants. Volunteers ensure safety in the pool of our beginner swimmers to transition and the run course. The music is motivating and the parents await anxiously to see their children succeed.   

"There is always a nervous energy in the air at the start of each race.  The feelings of the eager athletes on the morning of the Splash and Dash in College Park soon changes to great accomplishment.   This year all youth and adults successfully completed their swim and run course with great success.  It is such an exuberant feeling watching all cross the finish line to acquire their medal and hugs from their families.  Tired from their physical efforts, they feel accomplished and recharged to do it all over again. 

"Many of the adults who completed the Splash and Dash the first time this year, stated at the finish line that they were invigorated to try a marathon and even a SPRINT triathlon.  It was awesome to see the diversity in the ability levels of the adults and children.  From those more experienced who swam the entire 200 meters to those who took breaks by walking and turning over on their backs to kick and help them complete their race. It was amazing to see them perservere and not give up.   

"The children watching the adults first ( before their race) was a critical moment.  It helped to ease their questions about what was required of them and also invigorated them to do even better than the adults- very motivating.   Some had the chance to see their parent complete the race first- they wanted to SPLASH and DASH just like them!   At that moment,  STRIVE's mission of sustaining a lifelong healthy lifestyle is achieved.   

"A BIG THANK YOU to all of the volunteers from District Triathlon, MGM, Prince George County Parks and Recreation Lifeguards and Staff, Countless community Volunteers, Parents,  Strive Staff,  DJ Beauty and the Beatz for creating a wonderful atmosphere for our families to celebrate.  Enough cannot be stated about the timing and organization of the event from start to finish, absolutely impeccable.  We look forward to creating a sustainable season each year and welcome those collective corporate partnership who can help make that happen."