Coach Tarus Nelson instructing the youth on swimming techniques in preparation for a Splash N Dash.    Photo Credit:     Charlese     Bowman

Coach Tarus Nelson instructing the youth on swimming techniques in preparation for a Splash N Dash.

Photo Credit: Charlese Bowman

By Rhett Butler


Life is a challenge. This is a fact that becomes glaringly clear as the sands of time fall and the mound it creates expands.

Youth provides a different lens that is bright with naivete and hungry for new experiences. It is why all parents coddle and nurture their children's natural gifts while working on improving their deficiencies. It is why we all try to expose our children to different things so that they are familiar with all and why we fill their limitless brains with new knowledge.

Multi-sport isn't a pop culture term. Category star sports: triathlon and mixed martial arts are both variations of a multi-sport but the term itself is little used outside of the industry. When Strive 2 Tri, Inc. was founded from the love of two parents for their daughter's athletic gifts, the impetus to expose a child to another world was there. Team sports, which were a top priority in academia, didn't lend itself to personal fulfillment and participation in triathlon's created a new sensation.

Swimming, running, and biking when placed together can truly test anyone; especially the young lungs and stamina of a youth but its rewards are priceless. The zeal to finish, not just to win, but to finish the race provides a level of self-confidence that lasts for a lifetime. Strive 2 Tri has bottled this feeling with Strive Splash N Dash and parceled it to underserved communities in the form of the Splash N Dash Camp and the Splash N Dash Race Series!    

This year, the first race is being held on Saturday, June 16th at the Ellen Linson Splash Pool and due to the generosity of a local donor, the race entry fees for the first 100 youth participants (ages 7-15) are free when you use promo code: STRIVE100. The race combines swimming in a 3-foot pool then running to the finish line minus the bike portion. 

For the first time, adults are invited to participate in STRIVE Splash N Dash inclusive of individual and relay races so adults too can clear their lens and see as brightly as they did in their youth. As parents, coaches, teachers, community leaders, and more we Strive 2 Tri to ensure a better future for the youth and our commitment to that end is shown in our collective efforts.

As a team we will prepare the youth for greatness. Strive started in Prince George's County and has been supported by Prince George's County. Not just the County Administration but the community itself by giving us your children and helping to keep them motivated to finish the race.

Why do we Strive 2 Tri? Simple, because there is no other way to become the change that we seek. See you at the races on June 16th!