Take a look at the swim/run program we delivered to a local school through grants from the Prince George's County Transforming Neighborhood Initiative, USA Triathlon Association & great supporters. Visit us at www.strive2tri.org to learn more about our programs.


STRIVE started by getting local families to exercise together and saw the positive interaction when the youths were encouraged to stay active.  Later STRIVE self-funded the first Splash N Dash Camp replete with dedicated volunteers willing to help train a small group of youth participants.  After establishing a great sense of accomplishment from enabling local kids from Prince George's County to learn how to swim, the Splash N Dash Camps are now a necessity for STRIVE to fully uplift those residing in under served communities.

The 2018 STRIVE Splash N Dash Camp is supported through a Local Development Council Local Community Impact Grant for youth in Oxon Hill/Glassmanor neighborhood in Prince George's County, MD.  This grant will solely be delivered to the youth attending camp in the Park Forest Apartments between the ages of 7-17 for 6 weeks.  These participants will receive the following: 

  • USA Triathlon Annual Membership
  • Camp Apparel (Shirt/Bag/Goggles/Swim Suit)
  • Professional Coaching 3x/week (90 mins)
  • Daily activities include 30mins of run/dry land training & 60mins of aquatics training
  • Metric gathering for reporting on measurable effectiveness
  • Instruction on healthy nutritional choices

“You can just feel their energy of giving is coming from a sincere place. I as a parent am so grateful and so thankful. I wish that we could take this worldwide so that everyone could see the work that’s being done.”
— Shashika Cope, parent of Strive Splash N Dash Camp Barnaby Manor participant